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Safety Tips From National Fire Prevention Week
Posted 09/30/14
From October 5-11, 2014, National Fire Prevention Week will allow people around the country to learn how to prevent house fires. Below you'll read some tips that can help you with this. The leading cause of house fires is cooking....
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Use These Tips to Stay Afloat During a Flood
Posted 09/10/14
If you scour national news feeds, you will probably find multiple areas that have been hit by flooding recently. In the United States, flash floods are the most common severe weather disaster. In only two feet of water, floods are...
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Paul Davis & The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Posted 09/3/14
Over the last month, it's been impossible to visit a news or social media website without seeing the latest addition in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It is always enjoyable to see someone dump a bucket of ice water on...
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  • Annual Mold Inspections Might Be Smart

    Mold can cause big problems for your home or business. And with the unusually wet year we’ve had, mold has been given ample opportunities to grow. It’s not always easy to spot, though. That’s because mold not only grows in obvious places—like on your shower curtain—but it can also appear behind walls, under carpet, or

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  • Signs of Water Damage in Walls

    No one wants to deal with water damage, and it can be especially disheartening to find water damage in your walls. This is because there are a number of things behind your walls that can be causing the damage—and finding the source of the problem can be costly. Unfortunately, in many cases signs of water

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  • Understanding Smoke Damage

    Fires can destroy a home or business. In 2015, there were 1,345,500 fires reported in the United States. And these fires caused 3,280 civilian deaths. So we know the danger of fire in addition to the damage it can cause. One thing many people don’t talk about, however, is smoke damage from fires. In fact,

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  • Water Damage? Best to Hire IICRC Certified Specialists

    Water and flood damage is something that a lot of home and business owners have to deal with. Understandably, damage like this causes a big headache, and it’s definitely a time when you should call in the professionals. But what does it mean to hire a “professional” when it comes to water damage? Water damage

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  • September is National Preparedness Month

    While every family would like to think they’re prepared for a disaster, the truth is that many aren’t. Luckily, September is National Preparedness Month. It’s the perfect time of year to ensure that you have a game plan in place if disaster strikes. While no one wants to be the victim of a disaster, it’s

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