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Storm damage

Storm Damage Specialists in Auburntown

Throughout the year, harmful weather appears in several different ways. From thunderstorms to tornadoes, if you call TN home or anywhere in the Southeast, strong storms are never a surprise. If your home or business takes on significant damage from a storm, it can be difficult to know how to get help. Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee strive to help you rebuild storm damage around your home or business whenever harsh storms hit.

Affordable Storm Damage Restoration Quote

Decades of practice in Auburntown has left the our team with the talent needed to be effective with weather damage. Whatever kind of storm strikes, we provide fair and precise quotes for our work. These estimates include the amount of time and money the cleanup and restoration. You can rely on Paul Davis, whether you want repairs for your roof or new windows. Our professionals are licensed and bonded through TN, always qualified to restore your property. Furthermore, we collaborate with you throughout the insurance claims process, to make sure you receive the protection you deserve.

Our Repair Services

Restoration for Roofs

Many storms often hurt shingles with gale force winds and torrential rain. The roofing contractors on our staff in Auburntown are readily available to repair shingles or entire roofs. We leave your roof looking great with our quick and effective contractors.

Damage from High Winds

Intense winds from storms like hurricanes are a formidable foe. After the storm, common damage includes ripped siding, littered debris or removed shingles.

Fuse Rewiring

Electricity is an essential part of just about everything you do. If a thunderstorm or something more severe strikes and takes out your power, it can be tough to recover. The Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee team of contractors is available for intricate or easy rewiring after the storm.

Structural Stabilization

Tornadoes and hurricanes are seriously destructive for homes and businesses in Auburntown. Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee conducts reconstruction help and additional help if your home or business sustained damage by a storm. Whether the storm knocked out a wall or your whole building, we can help you get back to its original state.

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