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Storm damage

Cottontown Storm Damage Remediation

Throughout the year, strong weather shows itself in many various ways. From flooding to ice, if you call TN home or anywhere in the Southeast, seasonal storms are never a surprise. If your home or business takes on significant damage from bad weather, it can be difficult to know how to get help. Paul Davis Restoration Services work hard to begin rebuilding storm damage around your home or business if serious conditions strike.

Affordable Storm Damage Restoration Estimate

Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee specialists are experienced with helping others through the confusing moments after storms strike in Cottontown. Whatever kind of storm strikes, we offer affordable and precise quotes for the maintenance. These estimates include the amount of time and money the damage removal and repairs. No matter if you need roof repair or remedying wind damage, you can count on Paul Davis Restoration. With insurance, bonding and licensing, our staff is qualified to handle any job. Additionally, we collaborate with you throughout the insurance claims process, to make sure you get the protection you deserve.

Our Services

Roof Damage

Many storms often hurt shingles with gale force winds and torrential rain. The Paul Davis Restoration staff has roofers available in Cottontown prepared to work for you. We work fast and effectively to leave your roof better than before.

Damage from Extreme Winds

Whether from a intense tornado or hurricane, wind can be a serious force of nature. High winds can cause damage of different kinds, from ripping siding to scattering debris around your yard.

Restoration for Electrical Systems

Wiring is a necessary part of just about every activity in your home. When a thunderstorm or something more severe strikes and blows out your electricity, it may be tough to recover. With a team of electricians in our arsenal, Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee will provide help for rewiring at any point after the storm.


Tornadoes and hurricanes are seriously destructive for homes and businesses in Cottontown. Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee conducts structural stabilization and rebuilding help if your home or business is leveled by a storm. No matter the storm damaged a wall or your entire property, we will return your home to normal.

We also offer water and mold damage removal services.

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