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Storm damage

Storm Damage Remediation in Cross Plains, TN

The South and TN are well known for intense weather. Thunderstorms, funnel clouds and ice, storm damage show up in many various ways. If your home or business sustains significant damage during a storm, it is sometimes tricky to know how to get help. Paul Davis Restoration Services work hard to begin recovering from storm damage on your home or business if serious storms hit.

Budget Friendly Storm Damage Restoration Estimate

Years of practice throughout Cross Plains has provided the our team with the knowledge needed to respond to weather damage. Our team is prepared to deliver fair and precise estimates for damage caused by all varieties of storms. Our estimates include the timeline and money you can anticipate to remove the storm damage. Whether it’s roof repair or remedying wind damage, you can depend on us. Insured, bonded and licensed, our team is ready to finish any job. Additionally, we work with you while you file your insurance claims, to help you get the protection you need.

Our Repair Services

Repair for Roofs

During storms with high winds, damaging rain or blowing debris, your roof can sustain significant damage through a storm. Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee team has roofers available in Cross Plains prepared to help you. We leave your roof looking better than before with our quick and efficient contractors.

Extreme Wind Damage

Strong winds from storms like tornadoes can be a force to take seriously. High winds can generate damage of different kinds, from ripping siding to scattering debris around your yard.

Electrical Repairs

Everybody needs electricity to stay warm, cook meals and be happy. When a tornado or worse strikes and blows out your electricity, it can be tough to bounce back. The Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee team of specialists is available for intricate or simple electrical help after the storm.

Structural Stabilization

Storms are a real threat when it comes to property damage. Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee provides reconstruction help and additional help in the instance that your property sustained damage by a storm. No matter the storm damaged a wall or the whole building, we will return your home to its original state.

Paul Davis Restoration also offers water and mold damage removal services.

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