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Storm damage

Whites Creek Storm Damage Remediation

The Southeast and TN are well known for intense storms. Thunderstorms, funnel clouds and hail, weather damage show up in several different forms. If a storm destroys your roof, siding or leaves tons of debris in your yard, it may be difficult to know when to begin rebuilding. Paul Davis Restoration of Middle Tennessee team members strive to bring your property back to normal.

Budget Friendly Storm Damage Repair Estimate

The Paul Davis contractors have experience in helping others through the confusing moments after inclement weather throughout Whites Creek. Our contractors are ready to provide fair and accurate quotes for damage from all types of storms. Our quotes provide the amount of time and rate you can anticipate to fix damage from the storm. You can lean on us, whether you need repairs for your roof or new siding. Our staff is licensed and bonded in TN, the most available to repair your property. To go the extra mile, we help with your insurance provider to file a claim.

Our Services

Roof Repair

In the case of strong winds, damaging rain or blowing debris, your roof may deal with significant harm through a storm. The roofing contractors on our staff in Whites Creek are always prepared to repair shingles or your whole roof. We act quickly and effectively to leave your roof better than before.

Damage from High Winds

Heavy winds from cells like tornadoes can be a formidable foe. The day after the storm, you might find damage like missing gutters, littered debris or missing shingles.

Maintenance for Wiring

Everybody needs electricity to keep their homes warm, cook food and stay comfortable. If a tornado or something more severe hits and blows out your electricity, it may be tough to bounce back. Our staff of specialists is available for complex or simple rewiring after the storm.


Hurricanes and tornadoes can be destructive enough to destroy whole buildings. If your property is wrecked from a storm, Paul Davis Restoration provides reconstruction services to restore your property. Whether the storm damaged a wall or the whole property, we will help you get back to normal.

Paul Davis Restoration also offers water and mold damage treatment services.

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